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Members of Birdstrike Alliance

Bird Control Group
Bird Control Group develops innovative laser equipment to keep birds at a distance from airports in order to make aviation safer and to avoid substantial damage to equipment and costly down time.
The solutions of Bird Control Group are in use at over 40 airports around the world, including London Gatwick Airport, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Vancouver Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. Besides the aviation industry, Bird Control Group serves customers in agriculture, industry, oil & gas, recreation and the real estate market.
Clear Flight Solutions
Clear Flight Solutions is a Dutch company combining expert knowledge of unmanned aerial vehicles with extensive expertise in the ecological domain. Whether the situation requires a robotic bird of prey or a stable multicopter, the Company provides a working solution. With the Robirds, flying on unique patented flapping wing technology, the Company offers unmatched effectiveness in the field of bird control. Clear Flight Solutions also offers unique platforms for wildlife observation and protection, safety and surveillance, and surveying and mapping. The Company is currently active at major international airports, including Edmonton International Airport, where it is employing a world-first full integration of its Robirds within daily airport operations, and has currently logged
over 200 flights on airside.
Robin Radar
Robin Radar Systems BV is an innovative Dutch company which develops and manufacturers avian radar systems for the detection of small airborne targets, like birds and UAV’s. The sophisticated and specific developed sensors as well as the clever software are able to plot individual bird tracks and distinguish the seize of birds for which high and low risk profiles are composed. This information could be used real time to respond more effectively to actual bird movements . The data logged by the system allows for example a better insight of the bird activity and measure the effectiveness of deterrence systems.
Airport properties are wildlife sanctuaries in an urban setting, providing abundant sources of food and refuge. These expanses of grassland and relatively undisturbed areas are frequently visited and inhabited by a wide range of migratory birds, small mammals and insects. Proper management of airport property minimizes the impact that wildlife communities and FOD have on aircraft. TRILO® equipment is perfect for helping you to do proper airside FOD and habitat management. TRILO® has everything you need for managing large grass areas. At TRILO we have a lot of experience maintaining large grass areas at airports all over the world. With a wide range of machines that you can configure exactly to your needs, you can be sure that you get the machine that is best suited to your requirements. TRILO® machines are high quality and have been designed and developed to function under the most difficult conditions.